Candor Library

Candor Library aims to develop lifelong learners by promoting the following set of attributes.

Risktakers – Students are urged to try out new books and genres Knowlegeable – Students are taught to find information from different reference sources and also to organize the same.

Inquirers – Students conduct research and assess the authenticity and reliability of the sources.

Principled -. Students are encouraged to respect other users and the library rules.

Open minded – Students are exposed to books reflecting different cultures, thereby increasing the understanding of the world.

Caring – Students treat resources with respect and suggest a good read to others.

Communicators – Make recommendations to other students and learn to be independent in using the resources.

Thinkers – Read and learn to make good decisions and solve problems creatively.

Balanced – Students have access to a variety of literature for research – print and digital which contribute to their personal growth.

Reflective – Students are encouraged to contemplate and deliberate on the type of resources to facilitate inquiry and self -exploration

Students borrow books to read every week.. They also engage in activities which introduces to them the different Book genres, Reference Sources, to write a Bibliography, Citation, Dewey Decimal classification.