Candor International School – SCA ( School Community Association ) Meeting

There is no better place to create a caring community than in our schools…. the heart of the future! – Patricia Gandara.

SCA (School Community Association) was formed in 2014 with agenda to bridge the gap between parents, students and the school and contribute towards the overall development of the same.

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the SCA (School Community Association) for the academic year 2016-17 was held today. Ms Sirisha, the President began the meeting by introducing the SCA to the new members. She spoke about the growth and contribution of the SCA. Next, our Principal Mr Samik Ghosh addressed the gathering about the need for such a community and the importance of parent contribution. Later, Ms Anuradha, the Vice President spoke about various activities that the SCA has been part of the previous year. Next, Ms Srilakshmi, the Treasurer gave a financial report for the past year. Finally the new members of the SCA committee for the year 2016-17 were announced. The session concluded with a lot enthusiasm and support from the SCA team.

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