Candor International School Center of Excellence for Chess

On Saturday September 05, 2015 the Candor International School launched the Candor Center of Excellence for Chess with the support and guidance of Bangalore Chess Academy. A Chess tournament for School students was organised on this occasion. There were over 50 participants in various age groups from Under 8 to Under 16 . The parents of the participants enjoyed a day out at Candor.
Candor Center of Excellence for Chess is OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS , not just those who study at Candor. From September 12, 2015 training in Chess with a focus on tournaments will be conducted every Saturday & Sunday and there will be a tournament on every last Saturday of a month.
We are proud to say that our student Guruparsad stood first in Under 10 Category. The overall results are as under:

Under 8 Category:
1. Anirudh B. S. – First Prize
2. Inesh Malhotra – Second Prize
3. Keshav G. – Third Prize

Under 10 Category:

1. Guruprasad Gopinath – First Prize
2. Ananya Murali – Second Prize
3. Yukti Goswami – Third Prize

Under 16 Category:
1. Shruti Raju – First Prize
2. Rishabh S. – Second Prize
3. Kintan Tanwani – Third Prize

Mr. Vedant Goswami… Mr. Salim Baig of Bangalore Chess Academy supervised the technical aspects of the event.
The Principal in his speech talked about the impact of chess on our regular life and mentioned that Chess is not only a game it is a culture.