Candor at Visiting Schools Program, Chiangmai, Thailand – Day 1

C18We landed around 10.00 am in Chiangmai and were welcomed by the host school to the beautiful rooms at Traidhos .The students began the first activity by 1.00 pm.
The students were introduced to the Thai language classes were they got to learn a few sentences that they could use during our stay in Thailand. They were encouraged to speak the language with their friends. They were also introduced to the Thai culture and also had the opportunity to wear Thai costumes.

C 17The next activity was learning the Thai arts and crafts. They learnt how to paint on umbrellas and got to take them as souvenirs .This was followed by the next activity which was making huge Thai lanterns with rice paper and then colouring them.C9

We were treated to a Khantoke dinner in a beautifully decorated amphitheatre. After dinner we witnessed a dance and drums performance by the local villagers of Chiangmai .In the end there was a fire dance and floating of the lanterns that the students had made in the morning. It was unbelievable to watch the lanterns floating up in the sky for such a long time until it finally disappeared from our sight.