Asian Solidarity Economy Council and Read Center @ Candor

 A two day (August 5-6, 2013) workshop on Social Solidarity Economy was organized by the Asian Solidarity Economy Council and Read Center, Bangalore in cooperation with the Candor International School, Bangalore. The objective of this workshop was to reflect on NGO innovations in improvising the socio-economic conditions of the poor and disadvantaged. The approach is on building self reliance through self help in generating income and improving the quality of life through social and community enterprises.

The workshop was attended by about 15 leaders of NGOs in the Bangalore area and the sessions were facilitated by Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria from the National University of Malaysia (KITA-UKM). Six local case studies were presented by the participants that highlight the innovations of Self Help Groups working among women and poor communities undertaking buffalo milk production, excess garments sales, bio fuel tree planting, basket making & terracotta jewelry. These projects illustrate the potential of grassroots people in wealth creation and people empowerment.