"The show was heart touching in many ways. It was classy in many others. - The theme of the entire show from Dr Seuss and the touching Lorax was an inspired choice. - Getting every kid to participate in the show, spoke of the inclusive and nurturing DNA of the school. Am sure it was not easy for the teachers staff and even the students themselves. - I must thank and congratulate you and your teachers for making the rehearsals and run-up fun for the kids than a chore. I have seen the little one dread the rehearsals (in her earlier schools) and all she kept telling me was 'this is so much better than that' 'ms anvita said positive about us'. - The props, the stage the costumes had just the right touch to be real and authentic than merely staged. - personally, I loved how involved the entire staff looked at the show. You calling out each and every name spoke volumes of your leadership. I don't think I have clapped that hard and long in a very long time. I saw similar reactions from parents across the hall. Kudos to your ability to lead from the front. As the catchphrase for a fortune 500 firm says, you are moving forward and taking the world (team) with you. Wanted to share an anecdotal comment from a parent after the show, 'this school is getting better every time'. Thank you for giving our kids an environment where they feel safe, happy and inclined to try new experiences. Means the world to me." ~ Ms Deepa (Parent of Ishani K2 )

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july, 2022