"My interest in Computer Science has been rather clear since childhood, now all that was left was aligning my future steps and paths which would allow me to maximize the potential for my passion for computer science. That perhaps led me to Candor, allowing me the flexibility to explore more than just academics, such as being a part of the New York Academy of Sciences and exploring topics such as Quantum Computing, Cyber-Security, etc. My life at Candor was an unfathomable experience, an experience which left me forever transformed. Here, I have seen new perspectives that have nurtured into reality, and that has left me with a sense of preparedness for the upcoming challenges at University!" ~ Rakshit Jain, Grade 12 IBDP student, who has received offers from universities such as King's College London, University of Sydney, City University of Hong Kong, and Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

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july, 2022