"I am really grateful and thankful to school management to quickly take steps to engage the kids in online session in meaningful way much before any other school did. My both daughters Anoushka IB-I and Ankita IX grade are fully engaged! On a lighter note I am finding Ankita engaged so much more than she would be in a regular class. I understand that IX grade is generally boisterous and not so disciplined. I believe this to be working out better.
Please convey our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who worked hard to make it up and running in no time." ~ Ms. Anuradha (Candor Parent)

"We wish you all the best and may you continue to inspire and excite the children in the world of mathematics. The support Isaiah got from you was always appreciated by him and us. Isaiah would always say and I quote, "Miss Dipti is cool, she understands when we explain to her", that is a big compliment a teacher can get, that she "understands", which very few do.

I pray that you never stop teaching,never stop learning and never stop encouraging and understanding.

Thank you very much ma'am for all the support and for lending an ear at the right time. " ~ Ms. Zara (Parent of Isaiah)

"The show was heart touching in many ways. It was classy in many others.

- The theme of the entire show from Dr Seuss and the touching Lorax was an inspired choice.
- Getting every kid to participate in the show, spoke of the inclusive and nurturing DNA of the school. Am sure it was not easy for the teachers staff and even the students themselves.
- I must thank and congratulate you and your teachers for making the rehearsals and run-up fun for the kids than a chore. I have seen the little one dread the rehearsals (in her earlier schools) and all she kept telling me was 'this is so much better than that' 'ms anvita said positive about us'.
- The props, the stage the costumes had just the right touch to be real and authentic than merely staged.
- personally, I loved how involved the entire staff looked at the show. You calling out each and every name spoke volumes of your leadership. I don't think I have clapped that hard and long in a very long time. I saw similar reactions from parents across the hall.

Kudos to your ability to lead from the front. As the catchphrase for a fortune 500 firm says, you are moving forward and taking the world (team) with you. Wanted to share an anecdotal comment from a parent after the show, 'this school is getting better every time'.

Thank you for giving our kids an environment where they feel safe, happy and inclined to try new experiences. Means the world to me."

~ Ms Deepa (Parent of Ishani K2 )

"The Pyjama Party was a great success. Pranati was excited for 2 days before the party and for several days after the party.

Thank you for sharing the pictures. The decoration was very eye-catching. It looked like Peppa Pig's First Sleepover had come true.

In fact most of the Candor moms wanted to join in along with the kid. Thank you for your innovative ideas and attention to detail.

This is an event that has the Candor stamp of class around it.

Looking forward for more events like this."

~ Ms. Vidya ( Parent of Pranati 1C)

"Hello to both the teachers, I am Savitha Abhinav's mom, am very happy to tell you people that you have done a great job and you have put lots of effort to make these tiny kids understand the concept n make them speak about that and few kids were amazing in demonstrating that tally.. My son explained his concept superbly felt very happy but got bit upset when he started crying and later felt very happy. I am very much satisfied and very happy that our kids are in good hands. Thank you for everything." ~ Ms. Savitha Manjunatha Reddy on the Inquiry Fest.

" A big round of applause for a wonderful start today. The run was very well organized and executed in a balanced way.
Hats off to all people who made this a great success. I enjoyed myself and felt very happy. You also made me feel young and remember my school days - shouting for our color and winning medals, wow just can’t express the satisfaction I had today. Thank you so much.
Feeling very content and loved the bonding with kids. For the first time you guys rocked it. Every detail was planned and done very well.
Thank you so much for the hearty breakfast too. All the very best for your future endeavors and keep rocking 👍🏼👍🏼" ~ Ms. Divya Srikanth

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Inquiry Fest yesterday. The kids did a fabulous job of explaining their projects, which of course is a reflection of the tremendous efforts on your part. Most important, they seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

A big thank you from us!!" Mr Kunal Dasgupta

"As Anay has moved to grade 1 I would like to thank you and Joy ma’am for a wonderful and enriching session in K2. This I speak for myself and many other parents. Giving every child the due attention and knowing each child’s strength is a commendable effort. Wishing you good luck for the coming academic year." ~ Ms. Anjali, Candor Parent.

"The A-Levels curriculum at Candor has challenged me to learn efficiently, think scientifically and apply my knowledge in various areas. The career counseling and my time doing community service has led me to further nurture my passion for biology. I have received offers from a few universities including Manipal University, university of British Columbia and university of Illinois Chicago. After my gap year, I will be pursuing a career as a pediatric surgeon in order to give back to the society." ~ Krishnanjali Jayakumar, Candor student, Grade 12 A-Levels

"My interest in Computer Science has been rather clear since childhood, now all that was left was aligning my future steps and paths which would allow me to maximize the potential for my passion for computer science. That perhaps led me to Candor, allowing me the flexibility to explore more than just academics, such as being a part of the New York Academy of Sciences and exploring topics such as Quantum Computing, Cyber-Security, etc. My life at Candor was an unfathomable experience, an experience which left me forever transformed. Here, I have seen new perspectives that have nurtured into reality, and that has left me with a sense of preparedness for the upcoming challenges at University!" ~ Rakshit Jain, Grade 12 IBDP student, who has received offers from universities such as King's College London, University of Sydney, City University of Hong Kong, and Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

"Being a student at candor for 5 years has had a major impact on my life. I was able to explore my different interests and find what I’m truly passionate about with the endless help and support from the faculty and teachers. Most importantly, I was able to discover my love for psychology and I will be pursuing it further either at King’s College London, University of British Columbia or University of Melbourne. I believe that everything I’ve learned at Candor has helped me become a better person and it will further help me in all my future endeavors. I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned here and I will surely miss candor." ~ Ananya, Candor student, Grade 12 IBDP

"The environment of Candor and the constant support of the faculty in this school allowed me to strive and push myself to pursue my passion of creative writing and Psychology and apply to universities such as FLAME University and Jain University. Candor has taught me patience and to stay open minded in every situation. As a student who just passed out from this school, I can confidently say that this school has made me a better person in more ways than one." ~ Pranathi, Candor student, Grade 12 IBDP

"My interest towards Economics and Business sparked through my journey in Candor. The environment was great to learn in and the staff was very supportive. I am accepted in Christ University, Bangalore for BCOM Honors." ~ Trisha, Candor student, Grade 12 IBDP

"It was a wonderful feeling watching students performing with great enthusiasm and zeal yesterday at the annual day.
Thanks to all the teachers and school staff for extracting best of their potential.. Once again congratulations for the grand success.
The dedication and humongous efforts of the teachers and students were showing through clearly. Thank you for letting us to be a part of this.
Congratulations and Happy Holidays to all of You." ~ Delphine and Judikael Le Doridour on PYP Year End Production

"..we also want to thank u for yr support to devanshu throughout the year and helped him in growing and learning new things. thank u so much" ~ Candor Parent's message to school's teacher.

"I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate the team on a well-produced year-end program by the PYP students. The students performed extremely well, and were well-disciplined throughout...I'd particularly like to appreciate the fact that the program started exactly on time. The stage set-up and the screens at the sides all added to the wonderful atmosphere for the production. There is no doubt that a lot of time, effort and energy has gone into the making of this play and the team deserves a big round of applause. Please do pass on my commendations to all the teachers and staff who worked towards making this a success.
I missed sending a mail on the MSP drama production, which was very well produced as well. It was wonderful to see the myriad talents of the middle school students come to the fore, be it in the costume design, set production or in the delivery of their lines. An excellent effort, indeed.
Wishing the team the very best for the years ahead. " ~ Ms. Rekha Philip, parent of Candor student on PYP Year-end Production

"Wanted to thank you for all the hard work in presenting today’s event and your focus in shaping up these small kids to be so confident! Such a fabulous event it was! Really proud and happy to see the confident kids!" ~ Ms. Sandhya and Mr. Vishnu, parents of Candor student

"Kudos to the whole team for rendering such a unique and beautiful show today. It was a treat to watch our little ones perform so confidently and boldly.
The idea of performing one skit with dance & drama including the whole of Pyp kids was unique and outstanding. Wonderfully created and presented.
Congrats and keep up the great job. You have raised the bar for the upcoming years now. Cheers to that." ~ Ms. Divya Srikanth, parent of Candor student on PYP Year-end Production

Not just a school, but an ecosystem that prepares students for life.

Preparing for Life

A safe place to express unique views, opinions, and develop a global perspective.

Inclusive Environment

Handpicked teachers who genuinely partner with the child on his/her educational journey.

Highly Trained, Passionate Teachers

Candorians have secured admissions at top-ranked universities across the world.

100% University Placements

Whether it is IB or Cambridge, Candorians have achieved 100% academic success.

100% Results across boards

Consistently ranked among the top international schools in India.

Ranked #1 in Academic Excellence

25 acres of lush green campus that houses an organic vegetable farm as well as a dairy farm.

First Green Campus in India

We believe education is not just about academics – it includes a major component of Sports and Arts that
builds character, personality and brings out talent at a young age.

Focus on Sports and Arts

Swimming pool as per international standards, synthetic basketball courts, tennis courts, artificial turf football
field, archery and a plethora of indoor activities.

World-class Facilities