Experience Candor International School’s unique and carefully created Ecosystem

Join us for the Open House at Candor Campus

Get a peek into how Candor can enrich your child’s educational journey. Visit on-campus facilities like the organic and dairy farm, sports facilities including synthetic basketball, football, tennis courts, swimming pool with the water cleaning system. Experience the flora and fauna – so many birds call our campus home. So much more to explore in our 25-acre green campus!

9 Reasons to Join Candor International School

  1. Highly Trained, Passionate Teachers
  2. 100% University Placements
  3. 100% Results across boards
  4. Ranked #1 in Academic Excellence
  5. First Green Campus in India
  6. Focus on Sports and Arts
  7. World-class Facilities
  8. Inclusive Environment
  9. Preparing for Life

Contact Us

Reach out to us at 7760399993 / 7760806868

Or email us at [email protected]

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