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Transitioning from National To International Curriculum

One of the common queries that comes from parents is how difficult it will be for kids to make the transition from national to international curriculum. To address that, we first need to understand...
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PYP Candorians Win WGS Founder’s Cup

Candor’s winning streak continues and not the least dampened by the present circumstances. We are extremely happy and proud to share the wonderful news that our Primary Years students won the...
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Social Distancing

In the current situation of the COVID 19 pandemic, social distancing has become a norm across the country. Parents have become more concerned about their child’s development. It’s completely...
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Eco-friendly Candor International

It is a weekday morning and you are bewildered, excited, active, and most importantly, seeming like you are an essential part of the whole school. In the evening when it is time to call it a day, you...
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